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Form, safety and results are our focus on at Ultimate Results. Training with a certified personal trainer will maximize your benefits and will eliminate the possibility of sustaining injuries.

There are countless benefits to utilizing a personal training regimen. First and foremost are the obvious benefits to the muscles, bones, joints, as well as the noticeable increase in cellular energy, reduction of body fat, and in increase metabolic rate and stamina. Strength training triggers the pituitary gland in the brain to secrete natural human growth hormone (HGH). Because of this, strength training not only keeps your body strong and resilient, but it also is the key ingredient to staying young. As we age, the flow of HGH naturally slows down. Through exercise, we are able to dictate how the body ages, particularly how we look and feel. Younger individuals are usually happier than sedentary middle age and seniors. On the other hand, seniors who are fit are usually happier and healthier than people half their age.

A very recent study 2006 study by Arthur Kramer and Amy Arnsten of Yale Universityamong seniors found that lifting weights two to three times a week for six months made subjects stronger and essentially reversed phases of the aging process at the cellular, and even the genetic level. Namely, the genes responsible for creating key brain growth factors (VEGF, FGF-2, and IGF-1) acted as if they were thirty years old, not sixty-five. Brain research shows that exercising has a direct effect on mood and levels of anxiety.

According to Dr. John J. Ratey of Harvard University:

 “Most of the brain research on resistance training mood and anxiety. In one study from Boston University dating back ten years, researchers put a group of older adults on a twelve-week strength-training program (three sessions a week) and measured various aspects of psychological and cognitive function.

They concluded that in addition to improving muscle strength by about 40 percent, the regimen lowered anxiety and improved mood and confidence levels. Around the same time, another study from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Bern, in Switzerland, tested the effects of eight weeks of strength training. Doing a ten-minute warm-up followed by eight weight-machine exercises once a week improved psychological well-being and had a slight effect on memory. And according to follow-up tests, the results remained for a year regardless of continued exercise levels”

The good news: you will reach your ultimate goals. The bad news: you will not reach your goals instantly. But, the great news is that you will definitely reach your goals with Ultimate Results.

Once have decided that you are ready to change how you look and feel, the only remaining question will be whether you are ready to do what it take to change your body and life. At Ultimate Results, we not only help you change your body, we also help you change your life by empowering you to treat your body like you treat the love of your life!

Our program’s success purely depends on your dedication: what do you do next after you leave our facility. Ultimate Results will not only change your body, but we also will challenge you to create a new way of thinking to overcome internal self doubts. If you do not hold yourself, your body, and your life to a higher standard, your dreams will remain just that: dreams. Once you change your standards though, the action will take care of it self.

Everything great in life comes from hard work and dedication. You have the power to change yourself and your life. Ultimate Results can help you get to there.

Our clients always get Ultimate Results

 Ultimate Results has been a blessing to me in many ways. Before I joined Ultimate Results, I had a terrible eating habit, and I never worked out. In fact, I viewed the gym as my enemy; it was boring to run on the treadmill and I hated doing crunches because it hurt my neck. My other frustration was that I didn't see any results. However I was very conscious that I was overweight and unhealthy. I wanted to work out because I knew I should be healthier and thin. I made up excuses like, "I don't have the time today, but I'll do it tomorrow." That was the excuse I used for years, but one day something changed. On my way to work I would drive past Ultimate Results and think to myself "maybe I should check it out". A few weeks later, I walked in and was greeted by warm, inviting, understanding individuals (Ultimate Results Team) who appeared genuinely interested in my goals of becoming healthy and losing weight. My trainer and I started the journey that I had struggled with for many long years. Working with my trainer has been a continuous positive experience; mentally, emotionally and physically. Her role is not limited to a trainer because she is a role-model, a teacher and a friend. She has a keen gift of knowing how much to push me. Her constant motivation and optimism keeps me focused when I have a hard time with my overall program. As a result, in two and a half months I lost 22 pounds and 16.5 inches! I never thought in a million years that I'd actually feel healthier, stronger and more energetic, and I owe this success to the Ultimate Results team for guiding me on this challenging journey that I continue to conquer! Thank you, Ultimate Results Personal Training & Weight Loss Center. -K. Thomas

1 on 1 PT, Weight loss, and Cardio Session $59!

1 on1 PT, Weight Loss and Wellness Session $59! $190 value!  

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